Streaming is watching TV shows, movie, and other content over devices connected to the Internet using streaming-capable devices, instead of the traditional TV subscription service.  Through the use of the an app such as PSCstream, you can watch your favorite local programming on your TV.


It is ideal for the TV viewer who just wants local programming, or for the viewer who wants to combine it with other streaming services that do not have local broadcast channels, such as Netflix, Disney+, HBOmax, Amazon Video, etc.

Accounts available for setup during regular office business hours; Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM CST – 4 PM CST.



The following links will provide more information about streaming video.

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There are many factors driving the decision to discontinue PSCtv, but the main reason is simply it is no longer in the financial best interest of the cooperative and its members to offer this service. But why? Content providers who charge us for the channels we include in our packages are charging increasingly high rates. This is a nationwide problem that only the largest television providers are equipped to tolerate due to their size and scale. Also, equipment for traditional cable TV offerings such as STB’s and DVR’s are becoming obsolete and difficult to find adequate supply

PSC will end our PSCtv offering on April 30, 2022, at 11:59 p.m.

Once PSCtv is officially cancelled, the equipment will no longer be useful. You may drop off your PSCtv equipment at any of our business offices (St. Meinrad, Tell City, Ferdinand or Huntingburg). Offices are open M-F 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Yes. To stream video on your TV, you will need a smart TV or a streaming device to add to your existing TV. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait on the professionals to install your new device. The installation process is generally simplified so that you or a tech-savvy family member can handle the installation and setup. A Roku or Amazon Firestick device is recommended (PSCstream app can only be accessed via Roku or Amazon Firestick device).

Possibly. A typical streaming option requires at least 10Mbps (per device, per stream) for optimum viewing. The more the speed, the better your viewing experience. Keep in mind, the more gadgets you have connected while streaming can interfere and cause buffering if you don’t have enough bandwidth. With PSC’s new speeds set at a minimum of 50Mbps, you would have plenty of bandwidth for any streaming option you choose.