App Portal

Once you visit our App Portal you will need to login with your PSC email address and the current password.

If you do not have the current password or are having an issue please contact a PSC Customer Care or Support technician for assistance at 1-800-511-4899.  They will need to verify your account number and name on the account.

Once logged in you will have your App Launcher window.  In the top right hand corner you will need to click on the Gear, it will drop down an Option too “Manage Profile” select/click it.

Once in Manage Profile, you will have an option on the left to Change your Password.  You will need your current password and then will have to enter a new password twice to confirm.

Once the password has been changed you will get a green confirmation box above the current password that verifies it has been changed.

Please Note:  This will not change your PPPoE (Internet Login) password for your account (if applicable), if you wish to change this you should contact a PSC Representative.

PSC also recommends setting up your Security/Account Recovery within your “Account Information” so you can manage your account if the password is lost.  This will require a cell phone number, an alternative email address (for password recovery) and 3 Secret Questions.