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Copper cable customers:

No Dial Tone

Unplug all devices plugged into phone jacks, including satellite receivers, computer modems, fax machines, answering machines, all phones, etc. On cordless phones, disconnect the power adapters as well. Leave all equipment disconnected for several minutes.

Starting with a phone that is considered reliable, connect the phone to a phone jack and check for a dial tone. If the dial tone is present, continue connecting devices, ONE DEVICE AT A TIME, checking for dial tone after each device is added. If connecting a device causes you to lose the dial tone, disconnect the device and verify that the dial tone is available again. Assume that this device may be causing the problem. Continue connecting other devices, verifying the dial tone as you go.

Or for those more adventurous:

Mounted on the outside of the house, usually near the power meter, is a grey box approximately 8”x 8” labeled “Network Interface Device”. Open the box with a screwdriver and unplug the short phone cord. Connect a regular corded phone in the jack. If you hear a dial tone, the trouble is inside the residence. Perform the procedures outlined above to eliminate devices connected to your phone line.

If no dial tone is present at the Network Interface Device, notify PSC that you have tested for dial tone at the Network Interface and there is no dial tone. This will tell PSC technicians that the trouble is in PSC’s equipment.

Phone Line Is Noisy Or Has Static

Unplug all devices plugged into phone jacks, including satellite receivers, computer modems, fax machines, answering machines, all phones, etc. On cordless phones, disconnect the power adapters as well. Leave all equipment disconnected for several minutes.

Begin re-connecting devices, ONE DEVICE AT A TIME, checking for static or noise after each device is added. If connecting a device causes static or noise, disconnect the device and verify that the noise stops as well. Assume that this device may be causing the problem. Continue connecting other devices, verifying the dial tone as you go.

Caller ID No Longer Displays

Disconnect the Caller ID device from the phone line and power. Reconnect device and make a test call to your number (call from your cell phone, or ask a friend to call you). Allow two rings before picking up the call. If the Caller ID device is not registering the call, contact PSC to verify that Caller ID service is enabled on your account. Note that if there is a problem with only one device, it is likely that the device is not working.

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How do I change my password?

There are two ways you can change your e-mail password. You can visit our PSC App Portal

Or you can change your password by contacting a PSC Customer Service Representative during normal business hours.

Please Click Here for instructions on how to change your PSC Email Password on our App Portal.

How do I change my username?

You can change your username by contacting a PSC Customer Service Representative during normal business hours. PSC will delete your current account (including your e-mail account) and set up a new account with the new username and new e-mail address.

How do I change my Internet login password?

You can change your PPPoE login password by contacting a PSC Customer Service Representative during normal business hours.

Can I add another email address?

You can add another email address by contacting a PSC Customer Service Representative during normal business hours. Your new email address will be active by the end of the working day.

I have wireless internet service with PSC but I can not connect my smartphone/laptop to the wireless service why is that?

PSC’s wireless broadband service is a fixed wireless service that requires the customer to login using a username/password.  This is referred to as a PPPoE connection.

To get wireless service to your devices (smartphone/laptop) you would need to purchase a router.  These can generally be purchased from any store that sells electronics.  We recommend purchasing a Netgear or Linksys router which generally run around $50.

Does PSC sell wireless routers?

 PSC does not sell routers but you can purchase one at most retail stores.  We recommend purchasing a Netgear or Linksys router which generally run around $50.

I have PSC internet service with a router and my internet stopped working.  What should I do?

The first thing to try would be to unplug the power cable from the router for ~20 seconds and plug it back in.  It will take a minute or two to boot up after that.  This can fix small issues a lot of the time.  DO NOT PRESS THE RESET BUTTON ON THE ROUTER.  Pressing the reset button will set your router back to factory settings.

I have my own ADSL modem, can I use it?

No, PSC configures modems specifically for their network, purchasing a modem from the store or Ebay will not work.  Please call our office or stop by our office or call us to further troubleshoot your modem.  We can test the modem from here, if is bad we can replace it for you.  They are $49.

Do I need Virus / Spyware Protection?

Yes. Unfortunately, after 10 years, support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020.

While you could continue to use your PC running Windows 7, without continued software and security updates, it will be at greater risk for viruses and malware. Going forward, the best way for you to stay secure is on Windows 10. And the best way to experience Windows 10 is on a new PC. While it is possible to install Windows 10 on your older device, it is not recommended.

Have more questions?  Find more help at the Windows 10 FAQ:

How can I protect myself while online?

Verify data is encrypted, see below for tips:

When sending confidential information over the Internet such as usernames, passwords, or credit card numbers only send it securely. To verify this look for a small lock ( ) in the bottom right corner of your browser window or next to the address bar (as shown below). If visible, this lock should also be in the locked position and not unlocked.

We also suggest making sure the URL begins with https as shown above.

While the lock is in the lock position, data is encrypted, which helps anyone from understanding the data if it’s intercepted. When no lock is visible or in the unlocked position all information is plaintext and if intercepted could be read. If a webpage is not secure, such as an online forum, use a password you wouldn’t use with protected sites such as your online banking website.

E-mail is not encrypted

Websites should not transmit confidential data over e-mail, such as passwords, credit card information, etc. E-mail is not encrypted and if intercepted by a third-party could be read.

Be aware of phishing scam

Familiarized yourself with phishing scams and techniques, which are used to trick you into divulging your account information. Online banking sites, Paypal, EBay, Amazon, and other popular sites that require logins are popular targets.

Use a safe password

Websites that store confidential data, such as an online bank site need to use strong passwords. Also, it is highly recommended that you use a different password for each website that requires a login. If you need help remembering your passwords consider using a password manager.

Use caution when accepting or agreeing to prompts

When prompted to install any program or add-on make sure to read and understand the agreement before clicking on the Ok button. If you do not understand the agreement or feel it is not necessary to install the program cancel or close the window.

Additionally, when installing any program watch for any check box that asks if it’s ok to install a third-party program, toolbar, etc. These are never required and often cause more issues than good. Leave these boxes unchecked.

Be cautious where you’re logging in from:

    • Business
    • Your place of work can install key loggers or use other methods of monitoring the computer while online. Someone who has access to this information could read these logs and gather usernames and passwords. Also, do not store any passwords in your browser if your computer is shared with other coworkers.
    • Wireless network
    • When on a wireless network realize that all information being sent to and from your computer can be intercepted and read by someone nearby. Prevent this from happening by only logging into a secure network using WEP or WPA. If this is a home wireless network, make sure it is secure.

Friends house

Be concerned when logging into an account from a friends computer. A computer or network you are not familiar with could intentionally or unintentionally log usernames and passwords. Finally, when logging into any site on a friends computer never save the password information on their browser.

Be aware of those around you

While at work, school, library, or anywhere that has people around who could look at the monitor be cautious of anyone shoulder surfing. Someone could watch you type in your password, which would give them access to your account.

If you need everything displayed on the screen to remain private, consider a privacy filter for the display.

Update Internet browser plugins

Often many attackers find security vulnerabilities through browser plugins such as Adobe Flash. Make sure all installed Internet plug-ins are up-to-date.

Secure saved passwords

Make sure to store passwords and login information in a secure area. Never write login information on a sticky note or in a text file that is not encrypted.

To save your passwords we recommend using a password manager, which stores all login information and securely encrypts and password protects that information.

When saving password information in a browser, it may be visible by anyone who has access to your Internet browser. For example, without a master password set up in Firefox anyone can see all stored passwords.

All PSCI connection must have a PPPoE connection to get to the Internet.

Windows XP:

Create a PPPoE client connection

Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Network and Internet Connections.

Click Network Connections, and then click Create a new connection in the Network Tasks pane.

After the Network Connection Wizard starts, click Next.

Click Connect to the Internet, and then click Next.

Click Set up my connection manually, and then click Next.

Click either Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password or Connect using a broadband connection that is always on.

Type the Internet service provider (ISP) name that your ISP provided, and then click Next.

Type the user name that PSCI provided.

Type the password that  PSCI provided.

Type the password one more time to confirm it, and then click Next.

Click Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop.

Click Finish to complete the wizard.

VISTA/Windows 7/Windows 8:

Internet, clicking Network and Sharing Center, clicking Set up a connection or network, and then clicking Connect to the Internet.

On the How do you want to connect? page, select Broadband (PPPoE).

Type the user name that  PSCI provided.

Type the password that  PSCI provided.

Continue to follow the steps in the wizard.

Applies to Windows 7 and 8

Open the Connect to the Internet wizard by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type network, click Network and Sharing Center, click Set up a new connection or network, and then double-click Connect to the Internet.

On the How do you want to connect? page, select Broadband (PPPoE).

Type the user name that  PSCI provided.

Type the password that  PSCI provided.

Continue to follow the steps in the wizard.


Your broadband Internet service providers may require you to connect via PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet). This article explains how to set up PPPoE in Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

Follow these steps if you connect your computer directly to a DSL or cable modem and your ISP requires you to use PPPoE. If you have an AirPort Extreme, Express, or Time Capsule, follow these steps to set the computer up first, without the base station connected to the network, then see the AirPort section at the end of the article.

Before continuing, please note that many DSL or cable modems also function as a router, and handle any necessary PPPoE settings on their own. You should only follow these instructions if your ISP confirms you’ll need to set up PPPoE directly on your computer or router.

Note: If configuring PPPoE in Mac OS X v10.5 or earlier, please refer to this article.

Steps to connect

Make sure that the DSL or cable modem is on and connected to the Internet (based on its status lights), and that the Ethernet cable is connected to the computer. Some modems have separate status lights for each connection.

From the Apple () menu, choose System Preferences.

From the View menu, choose Network.

Unlock the pane (if needed).

Click the “+” button in the bottom left corner to add a new interface.

Choose “PPPoE” as the Interface, and make sure “Ethernet” is selected in the “Ethernet” menu.

Click Create.

Type your username in the Account Name field.

Type your password in the Password field. If you want all users of this computer to use the same connection method, select the checkbox for “Save password.”

Tip: To have the computer automatically connect whenever you open a network application (web browser, email, and so forth), click the Advanced button, select the PPP tab, and select the “Connect automatically when needed” checkbox.

Click the TCP/IP tab.

Choose either Using PPP or Manually from the Configure IPv4 pop-up menu, as instructed by your Internet service provider. Choose Manually if your ISP gave you a static IP address. Enter the static IP address in the IP address field.

Click the DNS tab.

Under DNS Servers, click the “+” button, then type in the first DNS server your ISP has provided (if any). Repeat the same steps for each additional DNS server.

Click Apply Now.

Open a web browser or other Internet (TCP/IP) application to verify your connection.

Tip: If you did not check the option in step 10 to automatically connect when needed, there are two other alternatives. You can either manually click on “Connect” from the Network System Preference screen while PPPoE is selected when you want to access the Internet, or you can check the “Show PPPoE Status in menu bar” checkbox on the same screen, and then use the PPPoE menu icon to connect when needed.

Additional steps for AirPort

After the computer successfully connects to the Internet, physically connect the base station to the network.

Disconnect the DSL or cable modem’s power cord for a few seconds, then plug it back in.

Use AirPort Utility (located in /Applications/Utilities/) to copy the computer’s settings to the base station.

If you selected the option “Connect automatically when needed” (step 10 above), open Network preferences after using the AirPort Setup Assistant and deselect this setting for your computer’s Built-in Ethernet port.

Basic Error Codes and Router Info

Error Codes

Error 769-Check Ethernet card and make sure its Enabled

Error 691-Check Username and password, Have them retype info

Error 678-Restart wireless radio

1.  Linksys/D-Link Injector-Unplug Power Cable

2.  Alvarion Breezaccess radio-unplug Power Cable

3.  Breezenet Picat-5-unplug DATA POWER OUT PORT

4.  Wimax, 5.3, 5.8, 900VL-Unplug Alvarion IDU power supply


1.  Check cable and make sure connection is secure

2.  If they have a router they shouldn’t be using the PPPOE connection on the computer, just    have them reboot the router and try again

3.  Delete and reset up PPPOE connection on the computer

ADSL Trouble Shooter

(ADSL 2+ Modems – Comtrend CT-5072T (current), Comtrend  CT-5071T, Siemens Speedstream 4100, Efficient Networks Speedstream 5100)

(ADSL 2+ Modems Video modems) –  Thompson ST546v6

Error Messages

Error 691-Check Username/password, have them retype info

Error 769-Check Ethernet card and make sure it’s enabled

Error 678-Check Light on modem-Follow steps below

 DSL light OFF

1.  Check telephone cable to modem-bypass surge protection and/or splitter

2.  Restart Modem and check lights

No Ethernet Light

1.  Check Ethernet card on computer and make sure it’s enabled

2.  Have them restart router it present

3.  Check Cables

FTTP (Fiber-to-the-Premise or Fiber-to-the-Home)

Error messages

Error 678-Check cable going to computer

Error 691-Check username and password

Error 769-Check Ethernet Card to make sure it’s enabled

Router-Power cycle, if still doesn’t work bypass and setup PPPOE on computer


At customers computer is a Single Port Cat-5 Module with a cat-5 cable going to computer or customer’s router.

Only other Equipment the customer can check is a switch (D-link/Netgear/TrendNet) in the White Cabinet installed in house.  Just make sure it’s powered on and cables are secure – ONLY FOR VIDEO

Router Setup

All routers should be setup for a PPPOE connection.  Router setup steps:


  1. Open Internet Explorer, clear the address bar and Enter, Hit ENTER.
  2. Will ask for a username and password, Leave the Username BLANK and the Password is admin
  3. Should Open a Linksys window, Click on the Drop down box for the Connection Type and select PPPOE
  4. Enter Customers USERNAME and PASSWORD, click on KEEP ALIVE TIME 30sec.
  5. Hit SAVE or APPLY at the bottom
  6. Then try to Open your Internet Explorer


  1. Open Internet Explorer, Clear the address bar and enter, hit ENTER
  2. Click on Connection Type on the Left side under INTERNET WAN
  3. It will Ask for a password but none is needed, just hit SUBMIT
  4. Select PPPOE, hit NEXT
  5. Type in the USERNAME and PASSWORD, uncheck the box to Disconnect after 5 MIN, Hit APPLY
  6. Router should reboot, then Close the Internet Explorer and re-open IE and try to get a web page


  1. Open Internet Explorer, Clear the address bar and enter, Enter
  2. It will ask for a username and password, username-admin and leave the password blank, just hit ok
  3. Click WAN on the left side, select PPPOE and enter the Customers Username and Password & set Max Idle Time to 0, Hit APPLY at the Bottom
  4. Then Once back to the router Screen, close the Internet Explorer and re-open and try to get a web page


  1. Open IE and Erase what’s in the Address bar and type or, hit Enter
  2. Username-admin, password-password, then hit Enter
  3. Click on Setup on the Left side
  4. Should ask if your Internet Connection Requires a Login, select Yes and Enter the Customers Username and Password, and set the Idle Time out to 0, then Hit APPLY

Once Screen comes back close and reopen Internet Explorer and try to get a web page.

Email Server Settings

Incoming Server (IMAP) Recommended

Port: 993
SSL: Enabled

Incoming Server (POP):

Port: 995
SSL: Enabled

Outgoing Server (SMTP)

SMTP Server Settings:

Port: 465
SSL: Enabled
User/Pass Authentication Required

For further instructions on setting up other devices please visit the link below.

PSC Email Support Site

GreyMail Junk Mail Filter:
Greymail Spam Filter apps portal

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Click on the titles below to view the full support documents

PDF download icon   PSCtv Channel Lineup

Standard Channel Lineup (Alphabetical)

222.@Max - E108Food Network304MC1 - Hip-Hop and R&B241Sho 2 - E
72A&E30Fox Business303MC1 - Hit List15SHOP HQ
224ActionMax - E42Fox College Sports (Atlantic)338MC1 - Jazz240Showtime - E
225ActionMax - W41Fox College Sports (Central)329MC1 - Kidz Only!244Showtime Beyond - E
110AMC40Fox College Sports (Pacific)343MC1 - Light Classical243Showtime Extreme - E
96American Heroes Channel26Fox News305MC1 - MCU245Showtime Family - E
89Animal Planet39Fox Sports Midwest317MC1 - Metal247Showtime Next - E
115AWE172Fox Sports Midwest Plus347MC1 - Mexicana242Showtime Showcase - E
70BBC America38Fox Sports Ohio344MC1 - Musica Urbana246Showtime Woman - E
69BET46Fox Sports 1327MC1 - Party Favorites88SoapNet
43Big Ten Network32Fox Sports 2322MC1 - Pop Hits228StarMax - E
170Big Ten - Alt 150Freeform345MC1 - Pop Latino260STARZ - E
171Big Ten - Alt 2139FUSE310MC1 - R & B Classics266STARZ ENCORE
51Boomerang121Fusion311MC1 - R & B Soul261STARZ Cinema - E
78Bravo75FX307MC1 - Rap262STARZ Comedy - E
52Cartoon Network111FX Movie Channel313MC1 - Reggae265STARZ In Black - E
220Cinemax - E119FXX315MC1 - Retro Rock263STARZ Kids & Family - E
221Cinemax - W71FYI316MC1 - Rock80Syfy
137CMT138GAC348MC1 - Romances53TBS
136CMT Music45Golf Channel340MC1 - Singers & Swing112TCM
23CNBC84GSN337MC1 - Smooth Jazz61Teen Nick
25CNN55Hallmark321MC1 - Soft Rock101TLC
29CNN Espanol109Hallmark Movie Channel326MC1 - Solid Gold Oldies248The Movie Channel - E
28CNN Headline News200HBO-E336MC1 - Soundscapes249The Movie Channel Extra - E
66CNN International201HBO-W335MC1 - Sounds of the Seasons251The Sundance Channel - E
74Comedy Central204HBO Comedy - E328MC1 - Stage & Screen76TNT
105Cooking Channel205HBO Family - E309MC1 - Throwback Jamz102Travel Channel
88Crime & Investigation206HBO Family - W331MC1 - Today's Country83truTV
21CSPAN207HBO Signature - E330MC1 - Toddler Tunes59TV Land
22CSPAN2208HBO Signature - W346MC1 - Tropicales140UP (Gospel Movie Channel)
67CSPAN3209HBO Zone - E332MC1 - True Country118Universo
68DayStar202HBO2-E120Military History Channel132URGE
94Destination America203HBO2-W175MLB54USA
90Discovery103HGTV226MoreMax - E133VH1
92Discovery Espanol98History227MoreMax - W135VH1-Soul
93Discovery Kids16Home Shop Network24MSNBC99Viceland
57Disney56HRTV130MTV18VOD Preview
64Disney Jr114IFC131MTV287WE
58DisneyXD14INSP134MTV-Classic19Weather Channel
104DIY95Investigation Discovery141MTV Tr3s5WEHT (25) ABC
73E! Entertainment177ISC44NFL Network10WEVV (44) CBS
33ESPN157Laff100National Geographic11WEVV - FOX - 44.2
35ESPN Classic79Lifetime82Nat Geo Wild155WFIE - CIRCLE
36ESPN News113Lifetime Movie Network48NBC Sports Network158WFIE - DABL
34ESPN285Lifetime Real Women60Nickelodeon159WFIE - JUSTICE
37ESPNU325MC1 - 70s62Nick Jr4WFIE (14) NBC
13EWTN324MC1 - 80s63Nick Toons TV152WFIE - MeTV
267ENCORE-Action323MC1 - 90s176Olympic150WFIE - GRIT
270ENCORE-Black320MC1 - Adult Alternative123OneAmerica20WGN America
268ENCORE -Classic318MC1 - Alternative47Outdoor Channel27WJTS (27) Jasper
272ENCORE-Family339MC1 - Blues223OuterMax - E31WKOH (31) KET **
269ENCORE-Suspense319MC1 - Classic Alternative91OWN229Wmax - E
271ENCORE-Western333MC1 - Classic Country77Oxygen9WNIN (9) PBS
250Flix-E342MC1 - Classical Masterpieces81Paramount Network151WNIN - 9.2
314MC1 - Classic Rock2PSCtv Weather Point7WTVW (7) Local 7
334MC1 - Contemperary Christian17QVC156WTVW Escape
306MC1 - Dance/Electronica49RFDtv12WVUT - PBS - Vinc
341MC1 - Easy Listening97Science153WVUT (22.3) Create
312MC1 - Gospel173SEC Network154WVUT (22.4) World
308MC1 - Hip-Hop Classics174SEC Overflow106YouToo TV

Standard Channel Lineup (Numerical)

2PSCtv Weather Point60Nickelodeon118Universo267ENCORE-Action
4WFIE (14) NBC61Teen Nick119FXX268ENCORE-Classic
5WEHT (25) ABC62Nick Jr120Military History269ENCORE-Suspense
9WNIN (9) PBS63Nick Toons TV121Fusion270ENCORE-Black
10WEVV (44) CBS64Disney Jr123OneAmericaNews271ENCORE-Western
11WEVV - FOX - 44.265Universal Kids130MTV272ENCORE-Family
12WVUT - PBS -Vinc66CNN International131MTV2303MC1 - Hit List
13EWTN67CSPAN3132URGE304MC1 - Hip-Hop and R&B
14INSP68DayStar133VH1305MC1 - MCU
15SHOP HQ69BET134MTV-Classic306MC1 - Dance/Electronica
16Home Shop Network70BBC America135VH1-Soul307MC1 - Rap
17QVC71FYI136CMT Pure Country308MC1 - Hip-Hop Classics
18VOD Preview72A&E137CMT309MC1 - Throwback Jamz
19Weather Channel73E! Entertainment138GAC310MC1 - R&B Classics
20WGN America74Comedy Central139FUSE311MC1 - R&B Soul
21CSPAN75FX140UP (Gospel Music Channel)312MC1 - Gospel
22CSPAN276TNT141MTV Tr3s313MC1 - Reggae
23CNBC77Oxygen150WFIE - GRIT314MC1 - Classic Rock
24MSNBC78Bravo151WNIN - 9.2315MC1 - Retro Rock
25CNN79Lifetime152WFIE- MeTV316MC1 - Rock
26Fox News80Syfy153WVUT (22.3) Create317MC1 - Metal
27WJTS (18) Jasper81Paramount Network154WVUT (22.4) World318MC1 - Alternative
28CNN Headline News82Nat Geo Wild155WFIE - CIRCLE319MC1 - Classic Alternative
29CNN Espanol83truTV156WTVW Escape320MC1 - Adult Alternative
30Fox Business84GSN157Laff321MC1 - Soft Rock
31WKOH - KET **85Lifetime Real Women158WFIE - DABL322MC1 - Pop Hits
32Fox Sports 287WE159WFIE - JUSTICE323MC1 - 90s
33ESPN88Crime & Investigation170Big Ten - Alt 1324MC1 - 80s
34ESPN289Animal Planet171Big Ten - Alt 2325MC1 - 70s
35ESPN Classic90Discovery172Fox Sports Midwest Plus326MC1 - Solid Gold Oldies
36ESPN News91OWN173SEC Network327MC1 - Party Favorites
37ESPNU92Discovery Espanol174SEC Overflow328MC1 - Stage & Screen
38Fox Sports Ohio93Discovery Kids175MLB329MC1 - Kidz Only!
39Fox Sports Midwest94Destination America176Olympic330MC1 - Toddler Tunes
40Fox College Sports (Pacific)95Investigation Discovery177ISC331MC1 - Today's Country
41Fox College Sports (Central)96American Heroes Channel200HBO-E332MC1 - True Country
42Fox College Sports (Atlantic)97Science201HBO-W333MC1 - Classic Country
43The Big Ten Network98History202HBO2-E334MC1 - Contemporary Christian
44NFL Network99Viceland203HBO2-W335MC1 - Sounds of the Seasons
45Golf Channel100National Geographic204HBO Comedy - E336MC1 - Soundscapes
46Fox Sports 1101The Learning Channel205HBO Family - E337MC1 - Smooth Jazz
47Outdoor Channel102Travel Channel206HBO Family - W338MC1 - Jazz
48NBC Sports Network103HGTV207HBO Signature - E339MC1 - Blues
49RFDtv104DIY208HBO Signature - W340MC1 - Singers & Swing
50Freeform105Cooking Channel209HBO Zone - E341MC1 - Easy Listening
51Boomerang106YouToo TV220Cinemax - E342MC1 - Classical Masterpieces
52Cartoon Network107Discovery Fit & Health221Cinemax - W343MC1 - Light Classical
53TBS108Food Network222.@Max - E344MC1 - Musica Urbana
54USA109Hallmark Movie Channel223OuterMax - E345MC1 - Pop Latino
55Hallmark110AMC224ActionMax - E346MC1 - Tropicales
56HRTV111FX Movie Channel225ActionMax - W347MC1 - Mexicana
57Disney112TCM226MoreMax - E348MC1 - Romances
58DisneyXD113Lifetime Movie Network227MoreMax - W
59TV Land114IFC228StarMax - E
115AWE229Wmax - E
241Sho 2 - E240Showtime - E
242Showtime Showcase - E
243Showtime Extreme - E
244Showtime Beyond - E
245Showtime Family - E
246Showtime Women - E
247Showtime Next - E
248The Movie Channel - E
249The Movie Channel Extra - E
250Flix - E
251The Sundance Channel - E
260STARZ - E
261STARZ Cinema - E
262STARZ Comedy - E
263STARZ Kids & Family - E
265STARZ in Black

High Definition Channel Lineup (Alphabetical)

722.@MAX HD970GSN740Showtime HD - East
7285-StarMAX HD914Hallmark HD929Speed HD
952A&E HD982Hallmark Movie HD760STARZ HD
724Action MAX HD700HBO HD764STARZ Comedy HD
983AMC HD704HBO Comedy HD762STARZ Edge HD
955Animal Planet HD705HBO Family HD766STARZ ENCORE HD
960AWE HD701HBO Latino HD763STARZ Kids & Family HD
979AXS TV HD707HBO Signature HD916SyFy HD
947BBC America HD709HBO Zone HD913TBS HD
966Bravo HD980HDNet Movies927The Big Ten HD
903Cartoon HD962HGTV HD956TLC HD
990CMT HD953History HD748The Movie Channel HD - East
935CNBC HD938HLN HD725Thriller MAX HD
937CNN HD959Investigative Discovery HD919TNT HD
965Comedy Central HD976Lifetime HD957Travel Channel HD
944Crime & Investigation HD977Lifetime Movie Network HD948tru TV HD
963Destination America HD720MAX HD912TV Land
951Discovery HD934MLB HD917USA HD
954Discovery Kids HD726MoreMAX HD993VH1
901Disney Channel HD950MotoTrend HD945Viceland HD
902DisneyXD HD936MSNBC918QVC HD
975E! HD991MTV974WE HD
921ESPN News HD949National Geographic HD910WEVV HD
922ESPN2 HD969Nat Geo Wild HD904WFIE HD
923ESPNU HD926NBC Sports Network HD729WMAX HD
961Food Network HD928NFL Network HD909WNIN HD
939Fox Business HD911Nickelodeon907WTVW HD
940Fox News HD941Olympic HD906WVUT PBS HD
924Fox Sports Midwest HD967OneAmerica HD
929Fox Sports 1 HD930Outdoor Channel HD
931Fox Sports 2 HD723Outer MAX HD
900Freeform HD971OWN
943Fusion HD972Oxygen HD
968FX HD973Paramount Network HD
984FX Movie Channel HD958Science Channel HD
942FXX HD932SEC Network
964FYI HD933SEC Overflow
925Golf HD741Sho 2 HD
742Showtime Showcase HD

High Definition Channel Lineup (Numerical)

700HBO HD904WFIE HD945Viceland HD
701HBO Latino HD905WEHT HD946BET HD
702HBO2 HD906WVUT PBS HD947BBC America HD
704HBO Comedy HD907WTVW HD948tru TV HD
705HBO Family HD909WNIN HD949National Geographic HD
707HBO Signature HD910WEVV HD950MotoTrend HD
709HBO Zone HD911Nickelodeon HD951Discovery HD
720MAX HD912TV Land HD952A&E HD
722.@MAX HD913TBS HD953History HD
723Outer MAX HD914Hallmark HD954Hub HD
724Action MAX HD916SyFy HD955Animal Planet HD
725Thriller MAX HD917USA HD956The Learning Channel HD
726MoreMAX HD918QVC HD957Travel Channel HD
7285-StarMAX HD919TNT HD958Science Channel HD
729WMAX HD920ESPN HD959Investigative Discovery HD
740Showtime HD - East921ESPN News HD960AWE HD
741Sho 2 HD922ESPN2 HD961Food Network HD
742Showtime Showcase HD923ESPNU HD962HGTV HD
748The Movie Channel HD - East924Fox Sports Midwest HD963Destination America HD
760STARZ HD925Golf HD964FYI HD
762STARZ Edge HD926NBC Sports Network HD965Comedy Central HD
763STARZ Kids & Family HD927The Big Ten HD966Bravo HD
764STARZ Comedy HD928NFL Network HD967OneAmerica HD
766ENCORE HD929Fox Sports 1 HD968FX HD
900Freeform HD930Outdoor Channel HD969Nat Geo Wild HD
901Disney Channel HD931Fox Sports 2 HD970GSN HD
902DisneyXD HD932SEC Network HD971OWN HD
903Cartoon Network HD933SEC Overflow972Oxygen HD
934MLB HD973Paramount Network HD
937CNN HD976Lifetime HD
938HLN HD977Lifetime Movie Network HD
939Fox Business HD979AXS TV
940Fox News HD980HDNet Movies
941Olympic HD981TCM HD
942FXX HD982Hallmark Movie Channel HD
943Fusion HD983AMC HD
944Crime & Investigation HD984FX Movie Channel HD
992MTV2 HD
993VH1 HD

See below to view the available videos on demand, or click here to see the listings in a new window.

PSC Pay-Per-View is a selection of top movies, major sports and music events. Some of the biggest events on television are included like WWE, championship boxing, Ultimate Fighting Championship, concert events and much more.




Channels not showing in Channel Guide

Channel Guide is set to display only Subscribed or Favorites list
The Channel Guide has the options of displaying All channels, Subscribed channels, or Favorites. Each time you press the Guide button, it will switch between these views. If you close the Guide on the Favorites view, it will display this view the next time you open the Guide. To display All or Subscribed channels, press the Guide button again until the tab at the top of the Guide displays ALL or SUBSCRIBED.

Channels have been blocked by Channel Blocking

Channels that have been blocked by Channel Blocking will not be displayed in the Channel Guide. To change your Channel Blocking settings, see Channel Blocking in your PSCtv User Guide.



SOME Channels and ALL Set Top Boxes (STB’s)

  • Parental Controls have been turned on. If Parental Controls have been turned on, you will see a red BLOCKED on the channel’s Info Bar, and a scrolling message that the channel has been blocked. See Setting Parental Controls in your PSCtv User Guide.
  • Channel Blocking has been turned on. If Channel Blocking has been turned on, channels will not appear in Info Bar or in the Guide. Selecting a blocked channel will take you to the next unblocked channel. See Channel Blocking in your PSCtv User Guide.

ONE STB and ALL channels

  1. Restart STB: Unplug the power connection on the back of the STB. Wait 30 seconds and reconnect. Watch your TV screen, you should be able to see the booting process as the STB reconnects. If you do NOT see this process, go on to the next step.
  2. Video input on TV not the same as STB cable connection. TV is not tuned to receive the TV signal.
  • Use TV remote’s “Input” or “TV View” button to change video input. On some TV’s these are listed as “Video 1, Video 2, etc.” or “antenna, cable, Aux”.
  • Some TV’s use the TV remote’s channel button to change inputs. Go to channel 2, then use the “–“ channel button to change inputs.
  • Some TV’s use channel 3 or 4 for the video input of VCR’s, DVD or cable.
  1. Check the cable between the STB and your TV. Make sure the cable from the STB to your TV/VCR/DVD, etc.
  2. Verify cable connections from DSL modem to STB Go to the DSL modem (gray box with PSC logo) and make sure the cables are connected to the video ports.

ALL STB’s and ALL CHANNELS: If the problem is affecting all STB’s, it may be with the signal received from the DSL modem.

  1. Restart DSL modem. The DSL modem is a gray box with a PSC logo. On the back of the box, turn off the silver power switch for 30 seconds. Turn the switch back on and wait until the LINK light is on solid, and the Video lights (2, 3 and/or 4, depending on the number of STB’s you have) are flashing rapidly. You may need to restart the STB’s before TV service is restored.
  2. Restart CoaxSys. If your PSCtv installation uses existing coax from a previous cable TV installation, you will have a COAXSYS box connected to your DSL modem. Unplug the power to this box for 30 seconds, then reconnect. You may need to restart STB’s before TV service is restored.

Screen is “Snowy”

This probably has to do with either the input connection that your TV is using or your set top box is off. On your remote press the TV button and press the A/V (Input) button, this should cycle through all of your inputs on the TV. If you see your PSCtv service come up then everything is fine, if not try this other step below.

Press the STB button, and then press the red power button. If nothing happens then you will want to press the red power button again. This will ensure that the STB is on. On your remote press the TV button and then press the A/V (Input) button, this should cycle through all of your inputs again.

If this does not restore your PSCtv service, please contact PSC Technical Support

No Signal or No picture on TV – please reboot the STB before calling PSC.

To Reboot: Unplug power from back of STB. Wait 10 seconds and reconnect. If required, sign in to STB. (Required anytime STB is rebooted if Sign-in is enabled.)

Video Signal Blocked – This channel is not part of the subscribed channel package or this channel is blocked on this STB (See the section entitled “Blocking Channels”).

Tuning TV to work with STB – For older TVs turn the TV on and tune the TV to channel 3 or 4. For newer TV’s connected to the S-video or RCD jack the TV channel will need to be on either Auxillary, Video 1, Video 2 or Line 1.

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