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PSCtv offers something for everyone. The major networks that carry all the shows you want; specialty channels to appeal to your personal tastes; premium channels with great movies and original programming; Pay-Per-View channels, Video-On-Demand (VOD), 50 digital music stations, High-Definition (HD) and Digital Video Recorder (DVR). So no matter what you are looking for – you will find it on PSCtv.

PSCtv package starts as low as $24.70 per month!

Hospitality Fees may apply in food and beverage establishments for business customers. Contact PSC Customer Service for details.

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Cooperative - DSL/Copper
Cooperative - Fiber
Outside Cooperative Fiber (Ferdinand, Jasper, Tell City, Troy)


FCC Public Inspection File

CSPANPPV Events PreviewWeather ChannelWGN America
CSPAN2PSC ChannelWEHT (25) ABCWJTS (27) Jasper
CSPAN3PSCtv Weather PointWEHT (25.2) Bounce TVWKOH (31) KET
EVINE LiveVOD PreviewWEVV - (44.2) FoxWNIN (9.2)
EWTNWFIE (14) NBCWTVW (7) Local 7
Home Shop NetworkWFIE (14.2) GRITWVUT PBS - Vincennes
INSPWFIE - THIS 14.3WVUT (22.3) Create
WVUT (22.4) World

PSCtv Broadcast Basic PLUS the following channels

A&ECNN EspanolFox Sports OhioNFL Network
AMCCNN Headline NewsFox Sports 1National Geographic
Animal PlanetCNN InternationalFreeformNickelodeon
AWEComedy CentralFXOlympic
BBC AmericaDiscoveryFXXOWN
BETDiscovery EspanolFYIRFDtv
Big Ten NetworkDiscovery KidsGolf ChannelSpike
Big Ten - Alt 1DisneyHGTVSyfy
Big Ten - Alt 2DisneyXDHistoryTBS
BoomerangE! EntertainmentHRTVTLC
BravoESPNInvestigation DiscoveryTNT
Cartoon NetworkESPN ClassicLifetimeTravel Channel
CMTESPN2Lifetime Movie NetworktruTV
CNBCESPNULifetime Real WomenTV Land
CNNFood NetworkMLB NetworkUniversal Kids (formally Sprout)
Fox BusinessMSNBCUP (Gospel Music Channel)
Fox Sports MidwestMTV2USA
Fox Sports Midwest PlusMusic Choice (50 channels)VH1
NBC Sports NetworkViceland
NBC UniversoWE

PSCtv Prime PLUS the following channels

American Heroes ChannelFox College Sports (PAC)IFCTCM
CMT MusicFox Sports 2Military History ChannelTeen Nick
Cooking ChannelFUSEMTV-ClassicVH1-Soul
Crime & InvestigationFusionMTV Tr3sYouTooTV
Destination AmericaFX Movie ChannelNick Jr.
Discovery LifeGACNick Toons TV
Disney Jr.GSNOutdoor Channel
ESPN NewsHallmark Movie ChannelSEC Network
Fox College Sports (CENT)

PSCtv Preferred PLUS ALL of the Premium Multiplex Channels

Premium Multiplex Channels
HBO10 Channels
Showtime12 Channels
Cinemax10 Channels
STARZ12 Channels

Contract Term - 18 months from installation date.
Contract Termination Fee - Sum of Broadcast Basic plan and $5.95 for each STB over the 1st STB multiplied by the number of months remaining on contract.
Individual STB Disconnect Fee - If customer retains service but wishes to disconnect an individual STB, the disconnect fee is $5.95/STB multiplied by the number of months left remaining in the contract.

Channel & User Guides

PSCtv User Guide (PDF)

Entone Remote User Guide (PDF)

ADB Remote User Guide (PDF)


222.@Max - E108Food Network304MC1 - Hip-Hop and R&B241Sho 2 - E
72A&E30Fox Business303MC1 - Hit List240Showtime - E
224ActionMax - E42Fox College Sports (Atlantic)338MC1 - Jazz244Showtime Beyond - E
225ActionMax - W41Fox College Sports (Central)329MC1 - Kidz Only!243Showtime Extreme - E
110AMC40Fox College Sports (Pacific)343MC1 - Light Classical245Showtime Family - E
96American Heroes Channel26Fox News305MC1 - MCU247Showtime Next - E
89Animal Planet39Fox Sports Midwest317MC1 - Metal242Showtime Showcase - E
115AWE172Fox Sports Midwest Plus347MC1 - Mexicana246Showtime Woman - E
70BBC America38Fox Sports Ohio344MC1 - Musica Urbana88SoapNet
69BET46Fox Sports 1327MC1 - Party Favorites81Spike
43Big Ten Network32Fox Sports 2322MC1 - Pop Hits228StarMax - E
170Big Ten - Alt 150Freeform345MC1 - Pop Latino260STARZ - E
171Big Ten - Alt 2403Fresh! PPV310MC1 - R & B Classics266STARZ ENCORE
51Boomerang139FUSE311MC1 - R & B Soul261STARZ Cinema - E
78Bravo121Fusion307MC1 - Rap262STARZ Comedy - E
52Cartoon Network75FX313MC1 - Reggae265STARZ In Black - E
117Chiller111FX Movie Channel315MC1 - Retro Rock263STARZ Kids & Family - E
220Cinemax - E119FXX316MC1 - Rock80Syfy
221Cinemax - W71FYI348MC1 - Romances53TBS
137CMT138GAC340MC1 - Singers & Swing112TCM
136CMT Music45Golf Channel337MC1 - Smooth Jazz61Teen Nick
23CNBC84GSN321MC1 - Soft Rock101TLC
25CNN55Hallmark326MC1 - Solid Gold Oldies248The Movie Channel - E
29CNN Espanol109Hallmark Movie Channel336MC1 - Soundscapes249The Movie Channel Extra - E
28CNN Headline News200HBO-E335MC1 - Sounds of the Seasons251The Sundance Channel - E
66CNN International201HBO-W328MC1 - Stage & Screen76TNT
74Comedy Central204HBO Comedy - E309MC1 - Throwback Jamz102Travel Channel
105Cooking Channel205HBO Family - E331MC1 - Today's Country83truTV
88Crime & Investigation206HBO Family - W330MC1 - Toddler Tunes59TV Land
21CSPAN207HBO Signature - E346MC1 - Tropicales140UP (Gospel Movie Channel)
22CSPAN2208HBO Signature - W332MC1 - True Country132URGE
67CSPAN3209HBO Zone - E120Military History Channel54USA
94Destination America203HBO2-W226MoreMax - E135VH1-Soul
90Discovery103HGTV227MoreMax - W99Viceland
92Discovery Espanol98History24MSNBC18VOD Preview
93Discovery Kids16Home Shop Network130MTV87WE
107Discovery Life56HRTV131MTV219Weather Channel
57Disney93Hub134MTV-Classic5WEHT (25) ABC
64Disney Jr114IFC141MTV Tr3s6WEHT (25.2) Bounce
58DisneyXD14INSP44NFL Network10WEVV (44) CBS
104DIY95Investigation Discovery100National Geographic11WEVV - FOX - 44.2
73E! Entertainment79Lifetime48NBC Sports Network4WFIE (14) NBC
33ESPN113Lifetime Movie Network118NBC Universo152WFIE - GRIT - 14.2
35ESPN Classic85Lifetime Real Women60Nickelodeon150WFIE - THIS - 14.3
36ESPN News325MC1 - 70s62Nick Jr20WGN America
34ESPN2324MC1 - 80s63Nick Toons TV27WJTS (27) Jasper
37ESPNU323MC1 - 90s176Olympic31WKOH (31) KET **
15EVINE Live320MC1 - Adult Alternative47Outdoor Channel229Wmax - E
13EWTN318MC1 - Alternative223OuterMax - E9WNIN (9) PBS
267ENCORE-Action339MC1 - Blues91OWN151WNIN - 9.2
270ENCORE-Black319MC1 - Classic Alternative77Oxygen7WTVW (7) Local 7
268ENCORE -Classic333MC1 - Classic Country402Playboy Directors Cut PPV12WVUT - PBS - Vinc
272ENCORE-Family342MC1 - Classical Masterpieces400Playboy Subscription153WVUT (22.3) Create
269ENCORE-Suspense314MC1 - Classic Rock3PSC Channel154WVUT (22.4) World
271ENCORE-Western334MC1 - Contemperary Christian2PSCtv Weather Point106YouToo TV
250Flix-E306MC1 - Dance/Electronica17QVC
341MC1 - Easy Listening49RFDtv
312MC1 - Gospel97Science
308MC1 - Hip-Hop Classics173SEC Network
174SEC Overflow

2PSCtv Weather Point60Nickelodeon118NBC Universo267ENCORE-Action
3PSC Channel61Teen Nick119FXX268ENCORE-Classic
4WFIE (14) NBC62Nick Jr120Military History269ENCORE-Suspense
5WEHT (25) ABC63Nick Toons TV121Fusion270ENCORE-Black
6WEHT (25.2) Bounce TV64Disney Jr130MTV271ENCORE-Western
7WTVW (7) Local 766CNN International131MTV2272ENCORE-Family
9WNIN (9) PBS67CSPAN3132URGE303MC1 - Hit List
10WEVV (44) CBS68DayStar133VH1304MC1 - Hip-Hop and R&B
11WEVV - FOX - 44.269BET134MTV-Classic305MC1 - MCU
12WVUT - PBS -Vinc70BBC America135VH1-Soul306MC1 - Dance/Electronica
13EWTN71FYI136CMT Pure Country307MC1 - Rap
14INSP72A&E137CMT308MC1 - Hip-Hop Classics
15EVINE Live73E! Entertainment138GAC309MC1 - Throwback Jamz
16Home Shop Network74Comedy Central139FUSE310MC1 - R&B Classics
17QVC75FX140UP (Gospel Music Channel)311MC1 - R&B Soul
18VOD Preview76TNT141MTV Tr3s312MC1 - Gospel
19Weather Channel77Oxygen150WFIE - THIS - 14.3313MC1 - Reggae
20WGN America78Bravo151WNIN - 9.2314MC1 - Classic Rock
21CSPAN79Lifetime152WFIE- GRIT - 14.2315MC1 - Retro Rock
22CSPAN280Syfy153WVUT (22.3) Create316MC1 - Rock
23CNBC81Spike154WVUT (22.4) World317MC1 - Metal
24MSNBC83truTV170Big Ten - Alt 1318MC1 - Alternative
25CNN84GSN171Big Ten - Alt 2319MC1 - Classic Alternative
26Fox News85Lifetime Real Women172Fox Sports Midwest Plus320MC1 - Adult Alternative
27WJTS (18) Jasper87WE173SEC Network321MC1 - Soft Rock
28CNN Headline News88Crime & Investigation174SEC Overflow322MC1 - Pop Hits
29CNN Espanol89Animal Planet175MLB323MC1 - 90s
30Fox Business90Discovery176Olympic324MC1 - 80s
31WKOH - KET **91OWN200HBO-E325MC1 - 70s
32Fox Sports 292Discovery Espanol201HBO-W326MC1 - Solid Gold Oldies
33ESPN93Discovery Kids202HBO2-E327MC1 - Party Favorites
34ESPN294Destination America203HBO2-W328MC1 - Stage & Screen
35ESPN Classic95Investigation Discovery204HBO Comedy - E329MC1 - Kidz Only!
36ESPN News96American Heroes Channel205HBO Family - E330MC1 - Toddler Tunes
37ESPNU97Science206HBO Family - W331MC1 - Today's Country
38Fox Sports Ohio98History207HBO Signature - E332MC1 - True Country
39Fox Sports Midwest99Viceland208HBO Signature - W333MC1 - Classic Country
40Fox College Sports (Pacific)100National Geographic209HBO Zone - E334MC1 - Contemporary Christian
41Fox College Sports (Central)101The Learning Channel220Cinemax - E335MC1 - Sounds of the Seasons
42Fox College Sports (Atlantic)102Travel Channel221Cinemax - W336MC1 - Soundscapes
43The Big Ten Network103HGTV222.@Max - E337MC1 - Smooth Jazz
44NFL Network104DIY223OuterMax - E338MC1 - Jazz
45Golf Channel105Cooking Channel224ActionMax - E339MC1 - Blues
46Fox Sports 1106YouToo TV225ActionMax - W340MC1 - Singers & Swing
47Outdoor Channel107Discovery Fit & Health226MoreMax - E341MC1 - Easy Listening
48NBC Sports Network108Food Network227MoreMax - W342MC1 - Classical Masterpieces
49RFDtv109Hallmark Movie Channel228StarMax - E343MC1 - Light Classical
50Freeform110AMC229Wmax - E344MC1 - Musica Urbana
51Boomerang111FX Movie Channel240Showtime - E345MC1 - Pop Latino
52Cartoon Network112TCM241Sho 2 - E346MC1 - Tropicales
53TBS113Lifetime Movie Network242Showtime Showcase - E347MC1 - Mexicana
54USA114IFC243Showtime Extreme - E348MC1 - Romances
55Hallmark115AWE244Showtime Beyond - E400Playboy Subscription
56HRTV117Chiller245Showtime Family - E402Playboy Directors Cut PPV
57Disney246Showtime Women - E403Fresh! PPV
58DisneyXD247Showtime Next - E
59TV Land248The Movie Channel - E
249The Movie Channel Extra - E
250Flix - E
251The Sundance Channel - E
260STARZ - E
261STARZ Cinema - E
262STARZ Comedy - E
263STARZ Kids & Family - E
265STARZ in Black

HD channels are subject to availability.

722.@MAX HD970GSN740Showtime HD - East
7285-StarMAX HD914Hallmark HD929Speed HD
952A&E HD982Hallmark Movie HD973SpikeTV
724Action MAX HD700HBO HD760STARZ HD
983AMC HD704HBO Comedy HD764STARZ Comedy HD
955Animal Planet HD705HBO Family HD762STARZ Edge HD
979AXS TV HD707HBO Signature HD763STARZ Kids & Family HD
947BBC America HD709HBO Zone HD916SyFy HD
966Bravo HD980HDNet Movies981TCM HD
903Cartoon HD962HGTV HD927The Big Ten HD
990CMT HD953History HD956TLC HD
935CNBC HD938HLN HD748The Movie Channel HD - East
937CNN HD959Investigative Discovery HD725Thriller MAX HD
965Comedy Central HD976Lifetime HD919TNT HD
944Crime & Investigation HD977Lifetime Movie Network HD957Travel Channel HD
963Destination America HD720MAX HD948tru TV HD
951Discovery HD934MLB HD912TV Land
954Discovery Kids HD726MoreMAX HD917USA HD
901Disney Channel HD936MSNBC950Velocity HD
902DisneyXD HD991MTV993VH1
975E! HD992MTV2945Viceland HD
920ESPN HD949National Geographic HD918QVC HD
921ESPN News HD926NBC Sports Network HD974WE HD
922ESPN2 HD928NFL Network HD905WEHT HD
923ESPNU HD911Nickelodeon910WEVV HD
961Food Network HD941Olympic HD904WFIE HD
939Fox Business HD930Outdoor Channel HD729WMAX HD
940Fox News HD723Outer MAX HD909WNIN HD
924Fox Sports Midwest HD971OWN907WTVW HD
929Fox Sports 1 HD972Oxygen HD906WVUT PBS HD
931Fox Sports 2 HD958Science Channel HD908WTVW CW HD
900Freeform HD932SEC Network
943Fusion HD933SEC Overflow
968FX HD741Sho 2 HD
984FX Movie Channel HD742Showtime Showcase HD
925Golf HD

HD channels are subject to availability.

700HBO HD904WFIE HD945Viceland HD
701HBO Latino HD905WEHT HD946BET HD
702HBO2 HD906WVUT PBS HD947BBC America HD
704HBO Comedy HD907WTVW HD948tru TV HD
705HBO Family HD908WTVW CW HD949National Geographic HD
707HBO Signature HD909WNIN HD950Velocity HD
709HBO Zone HD910WEVV HD951Discovery HD
720MAX HD911Nickelodeon HD952A&E HD
722.@MAX HD912TV Land HD953History HD
723Outer MAX HD913TBS HD954Hub HD
724Action MAX HD914Hallmark HD955Animal Planet HD
725Thriller MAX HD916SyFy HD956The Learning Channel HD
726MoreMAX HD917USA HD957Travel Channel HD
7285-StarMAX HD918QVC HD958Science Channel HD
729WMAX HD919TNT HD959Investigative Discovery HD
740Showtime HD - East920ESPN HD960AWE HD
741Sho 2 HD921ESPN News HD961Food Network HD
742Showtime Showcase HD922ESPN2 HD962HGTV HD
748The Movie Channel HD - East923ESPNU HD963Destination America HD
760STARZ HD924Fox Sports Midwest HD964FYI HD
762STARZ Edge HD925Golf HD965Comedy Central HD
763STARZ Kids & Family HD926NBC Sports Network HD966Bravo HD
764STARZ Comedy HD927The Big Ten HD968FX HD
766ENCORE HD928NFL Network HD970GSN HD
900Freeform HD929Fox Sports 1 HD971OWN HD
901Disney Channel HD930Outdoor Channel HD972Oxygen HD
902DisneyXD HD931Fox Sports 2 HD973SpikeTV HD
903Cartoon Network HD932SEC Network HD974WE HD
933SEC Overflow975E! HD
934MLB HD976Lifetime HD
935CNBC HD977Lifetime Movie Network HD
937CNN HD980HDNet Movies
939Fox Business HD982Hallmark Movie Channel HD
940Fox News HD983AMC HD
941Olympic HD984FX Movie Channel HD
943Fusion HD991MTV HD
944Crime & Investigation HD992MTV2 HD
993VH1 HD

Video on Demand & Pay-Per View

See below to view the available videos on demand, or click here to see the listings in a new window.

PSC Pay-Per-View is a selection of top movies, major sports and music events. Some of the biggest events on television are included like WWE, championship boxing, Ultimate Fighting Championship, concert events and much more.

 Products & Add-ons

  • DVR: $8.95/DVR/month
  • Whole Home DVR: $2.95/month
  • Additional STBs: $5.95/STB/month
  • High Definition (HD): $9.95/month (FREE with Voice, Video & Data Protection Plan)
  • Protection Plans: $7.95/month for Voice, Video & Data Protection Plan